Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Seriously, this is just a full of bitchery post- and add your bitchery to make me feel better!
One of my coworkers is the most horrible hunan beings I have ever met- ever. She is a dismissive, stuck up, willfully ignorant person.
She is a conservative (whatever, whatever) and has complained to management that I listen to NPR's Splendid Table at work. Not any other NPR show- Splendid Fuck'n Table. I'm sorry- I didn't know that you were offended by wonderful new recipes and interesting ideas for old recipes. Does good food make you that angry?
Also, she is in her late fifties dating a man in his mid twenties (whatever whatever- get it where you get it gurl) but will literally NOT SHUT UP about her relationship. No. Just shut up. I don't need to be reminded every got damn shift you have a young boyfriend.
She shows up around fifteen minutes late and leaves around fifteen minutes early every shift I have ever worked with her. Plus takes a ten/fifteen minute break every hour "becuase she's just tired of being on her feet". We are embalmers, being on our feet is sort of a huge part of our job. If you can't hack it- you gotta move to another part if the organization, this break bullshit is making everybody else pick up your slack.
She is gossipy and rude and stirs up drama and everytime her behaviour is brought up to supervisors she a) has a defensive screed planned and b) we're corporate so she gets chance after chance because she doesn't do anything against the rules enough for a legitimate write up.
Ooooh. I hate her with the passion of a thousand suns.


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