I've done a lot in the last year to fix my body and my back โ€” I do yoga nearly every day and I've adjusted all my desk chairs, I carry a coccyx cushion and a lumbar cushion for my long train commute, and it has all had a positive effect. Weirdly, the most painful thing I now do is chill out on my couch and watch TV. It causes my tailbone to kill me, which then still hurts later in the day when I do yoga. I know how to sit and stand correctly but I mean sometimes a person wants to slouch and enjoy the squalor, you know? How can I chill out without busting my ass? It is ironic that at this point, relaxing is what hurts it - I've got work posture sorted. Getting a new couch isn't out of the question, I'll need to do that within the next year anyway. Does anyone else have an issue like this and/or any recommendations for couches, cushions or postures?