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My cousin is meeting my brother before I do.

My older Half-Brother introduced himself to my brother and I two months after my dad died.

Part of a larger story and whatnot but the important part I need to share right now is that my cousin is flying to Sweden with her husband on business and will be meeting my Half-Brother sometime in the next few days. I have never met him IRL.


My cousins know about Half-Brother because I told them. No one else in our family knows about Half-Brother. He's my mom's child and not my dad's. My mom does not talk to him. My brother does not talk to him.

Also, I have grown nieces that I've never met.

My cousin didn't ask me if she could meet him, nor did she have to. She told me she was meeting him a few hours before flying. I had already known from Half-Brother and a cousin-in-law telling me.

I have ENORMOUSLY mixed emotions about this. Disappointment. Anger. It's-not-fair-ness. Plus an increased feeling of protection for my mother in that NO ONE ELSE CAN KNOW. Why? Because the only ones in charge of this experience are my mother, brother, Half-Brother and I.

Which brings us to me sharing these specific feelings on Groupthink.

GIFs appreciated but also, have you ever had a long-lost relative connect with you? Is there someone you WISH you could find and connect with, whether relative or friend? Are there any tricky family secret relationships you have to navigate?


(GIF is completely unrelated. I love All That Jazz and am just starting to explore the GIFs available out there from it. So far, just creepy ones.)

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