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My Mom, World Vomit, Rant

Just got off of the phone with my mother. Like many mothers, she can be so exhausting to talk to sometimes. Maybe it is par for the course but I feel like most conversations are an inquisition. Gah.

Anyway, I use an online electronic chart system for communication with my doctor and receive lab results. Last night I got an email saying all my labs had come in at like 2 am. So, of course I looked them over and as I'm preggers they did a type and cross of my blood. I always knew I was Rh negative but found out my blood type was B negative. Which is a little rare so I wondered what my mom and dad's blood types were. Having insomnia at 2:20 am I texted my parents on their phones to ask if they knew their blood types out of genuine curiosity. I wondered if maybe one of them was AB negative, which from what I've learned is the rarest.

I get a call from my mom at 5 am and I don't answer of course because I'm dead to the world and three text messages asking me WHY! Do I need to know my blood type? What is wrong? Where are you? Now, maybe it was my mistake for not declaring a non emergency when asking a health related question... especially with my mother who is the queen of suspicion and assumer of the worst. I texted back saying I was perfectly fine and just wanted to know if she knew her blood type. Well, that question started her on her own investigation into the matter. She called three doctors and was then outraged that no one knew her blood type. *mom voice* How on earth have they done so many labs and not determined my blood type?! From what I understand they only do it when it is specifically needed, like most things in the medical field, except prescriptions for antibiotics, anyone can have those.


So I still don't know either of their blood types, not that it really matters. My mom is just very in your face about health issues. This isn't the first time I've noticed it either. Which could be why I get so annoyed at her questions so quickly. It seems like she believes she is entitled to know everyone's health history. I can be kind of private about some things and can see myself becoming more and more leery of her interrogations as I go along with this pregnancy. I haven't told her the I was referred to a maternal fetal medicine doc for my OB care as I know she will just freak out and pepper me with questions constantly and then simultaneously lose it when things aren't perfect. I'll spend my time coddling her and trying to provide assurance while she cries. She cries all the time. That is a whole other can of worms. Every time something bad or negative happens she calls everyone to tell them all about it and basks in the, what I perceive as attention, and wonders why sometimes we keep her out of the loop. I don't want everyone knowing my business.

But its all good, she isn't all bad, maybe I'm just easily annoyed.

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