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Welcome To The Bitchery
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You guys, I have a crush on Zachary Levi. It's not 'cause he's tall and handsome and sings (and dances?) and loves live theatre, though that doesn't hurt. No, I have a crush because he wants to share his good fortune and he's not obnoxious when he mentions his faith. He's got The Nerd Machine, which does...something. I haven't really figured that out, other than to know that it allows him to throw his own panels at Comic Con, benefiting Operation Smile! He clearly loves what he does, and has such a positive outlook on things. He's so damn charming, but not in a ridiculous or obnoxious way. I just listened to his Nerdist podcast from two years ago. A few too many dick jokes for me, but he still comes off as genuine. He's a gamer, too. I don't really understand gamers, but everybody's got a flaw. He's clearly doing his best to be a Good Man. I really wish being a Good Man were contagious.


If he keeps this up, he may find himself in the Senate....or attacked like a cat in heat.

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