Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My Cuzzo is gettin' married!

Last week he popped the question and she said yes! They are both military people (he's retired and trying to get un-retired as a translator) and hopefully they can have the ceremony before she deploys. My cousin was an only child when I was born and according to my mom he always wanted to hold me and feed me and change me and give me his happy meal toys, so suffice it to say he's got a soft spot for me. I was always particularly fond of him because he didn't tease me like my other male cousin did, and because he had a rat-tail which I thought was super funny. He was also quite the ladies man, so to hear he'd found a person he was happy settling down with kind of makes the whole family sigh with relief. Because my cousin is a catch, for real. And it's been a while since anyone's had a wedding or babies to coo over.


In the midst of all this shitty breakup going around like the flu (don't catch it, Fluffybut!) I'm really happy two people are boldly going where neither of them have gone before. I will sleep with warm fuzzies tonight!!!

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