...is wiping me out!

Don't get me wrong, love the dude to bits. But he's one of those old guys who's constantly on the move, constantly talking and up at 6am!!! He's also from another time and place (no really, he is), so i have to constantly code switch, or i'm the rude one. (And then there's the disturbing family revelations...)YIPES!!!

It's good to see him, since he and mom live in another state, BUT i'm exhausted, and i'm not able to get stuff done cuz he's a bit high maintenance and he thinks the Inland Empire is a big urban area and too scary for him to navigate alone. *sigh* So, he goes home next week. Until then i'll be available off and on, and if i've promised to do anything, don't expect it until i get my space and time back. Thanks for your patience and understanding :)

So does anyone else have exhausting parents??