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My dad wants a puppy for Christmas

My old dog's death hit my parents hard, especially my dad. Remember, after my sister and I left for college Zerah was the only other being in the house with them. They'd mainly nap and eat together, but they really loved her. When my dad picked me up at the airport one of her dirty squeaky toys was in the back of the car. He said he didn't have the heart to throw it away *sniffle sniffle*

He's mentioned to both my mom and my sisters how he wants another dog. A puppy, so he can raise it how he wants. So now my sister and I are in the opposite position we were when we adopted Zerah, asking my dad "are you prepared to care for a puppy?" etc. I really hope my dad gets one...my dad is semi-retired so he's bored a lot, my folks could use something to spice up their down-time, and everyone really does miss having a garbage eating, butt-licking, fur ball around to mess with.


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