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My daughter is more badass than me

My five-year-old loves to watch YouTube. Just like mamma, she watches Let's Plays, usually of people playing Minecraft. I keep her laptop next to mine so I can keep an eye on what she's watching.

I glanced over, and she was casually watching Slender: The Eight Pages.

This game is pee-your-pants scary. It's not violent, per se, but it screws with your head. You begin jumping at every noise, certain Slender is going to get you. You're forced down cooridors with no outlet, and you know, you just know, your ass is getting murdered. When my husband played it, I spent most of my time 'watching' it with my hands over my eyes.


"Honey! That is WAY too scary for you to watch!"

"It's just Slenderman! It's not scary!"

"Yes, it is! Slenderman is a scary bad guy."

"Mom. Slender isn't real." She patted my hand. "He can't hurt you. This isn't scary, because it's pretend."

I made her switch it anyway, figuring the nightmares would come later. Nope. She's slept fine, in the dark. Meanwhile, that game made me sleep with the lights on for three nights.

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