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My daughter joined the club...

The short hair club.


When she told me what she wanted, I knew I couldn't cut her hair like that. I can do bobs and bowl cuts and I can shave a great line, but this was beyond my untrained abilities. I debated between a walk in place and my stylist, but decided spending the money made me less anxious than her not getting a good haircut. It's texturized so much that it just stands up on its own. She inherited my cow licks, so the back was doing that when she cut it off anyway.

I told my mom over the phone that it reminded me of a rooster. I think she was a little freaked out until I sent her pictures. My daughter's hair is still longer than hers.

I posted these on FB (without the bars, because it's just family) with the comment, "So this happened today." First comment from my cousin: "E. turned into David Tennant?"

Our stylist asked if her dad would be okay with her having an extreme kind of hair style. My response, his hair is long and green. We are kind of a you do you kind of family.

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