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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My day.

I started my day at 3am. We are pretty sure it was a cat and a raccoon fighting under my house. My husband went out and was shining his very bright flashlight under the house. When he walked around to the front of the house, there was a really big raccoon going under the house. We live in a trailer and the skirting has holes in it all over the place from weed eaters. Cats jump through them on all sides to go under the house.

One of our cats won't lay down on our bed, but since I had gotten up and moved around, he thought I should pet him. I refuse unless he actually cuddles with me, so despite his sitting by my head and poking me with his paw, I wouldn't pet him. I'm pretty sure it was him who peed on the bed.


Night before last, my husband's blood sugar dropped to 28 in the middle of the night. I realized this when he started having a seizure. He is fine, but we got to meet paramedics. One symptom of low blood sugar is sweating. He had sweated through the sheets and comforter, so yesterday he went and washed the comforter.

Now I have to go clean the comforter for the second day in a row.

I decided to shop for a new one, because the one we have is a decade old and showing it. I found an Emerald green one on clearance at JC Penny for $59. While I was looking around, I went to Ross and found these beautiful things that I could not leave behind. I was walking through the shoe section, they weren't in the section of my size, but are my size.

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I still have to go to the laundry mat. And I'm taking the new comforter to the cleaners, because I'm pretty sure it is a return. But now I can do it in calf high Chuck Taylor's with buckles.


I'm not talking to the big cat, and he has lost bedroom privileges.

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