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My day full of highs and lows

We went to the flea market it got so hot by 9am. I felt like

Except I was in shorts and a black tshirt. Ok black was probably stupid.

We got there at 8:30 and I bought this for a dollar. It was in a box full of DS games that were all Imagine games. Seriously that series seems sooo condescending to female gamers like all they like is Fashion and Babysitting.


They also made too many of them they clutter the DS used section at Gamestop and overwhelm.fleamarkets.

So by 9am I quit. I sat down and got a


and this.


Next to me were two men. One had this.


It was a sealed Monogram Revell Flying Fortress Model. Ok confession time. I am in awe of people who have the patience,.skill and nimble fingers to put these together. Anyone make these?

By 11 and three diet cokes my mother wanted to leave. I browsed a bit more but got nothing. I bought the DS game at 8:40.


We went shopping amd found this..


It was in Goodwill. Its a Mountain tshirt. I swear their shirts are the best artwork of any tshirts. Want to guess the price? Tshirts are three dollars, gray tags a dollar for the day. Plus we have a 10 percent card. So 90 cents. For artwork you wear. Its going into the wash tomorrow

It was so hot. We went to my favorite grocery store and I got this at cafeteria


It was a chocolate milk shake minus stuff at the bottom. I ate it with a spoon. I do not care how it looks. One should imbibe a chocolate milkshake with a spoon. The ice cream was soft serve.

Sadly we left and my mother started our three month old car ok its a year old but we bought it with 11k miles and got a message about the engine. I checked owners manuel which we keep in the car and it said to call local garage as soon as we are in a safe spot. My mother drove us home and calling tomorrow.


My mother I assume feels like Dr Smith (First pic but you all know).

I bought a Mountain tshirt which made me happy overall for the day. The shirt saved my day.

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