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My day great mac and cheese sample and book question

At the grocery store they had samples of macaroni and cheese. Homemade with sharp cheddar. So good. I went to their cafeteria and got a 99 cent hot chocolate. My mother was cooking lo mein with chicken so she said “no pizza”. She did buy most important item which was whipped cream. How can you have breakfast with a side of chopped fruit, spoonful of pudding with no whipped cream?

At the thrift shop I saw a trilogy which I now find out is four books. On the back it said if you like 50 Shades of Grey you will like this. I noticed the date of third novel which appears after third book of 50 Shades. So not sure if all three were written after or concurrent. The books are by Sylvia Day and series is Crossfire. If they were a dollar each I would have bought, two each I hesitated. Are they knock offs of 50 Shades books.


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