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My day, hit a car DO not drive away plus pecan pies

As we were leaving a thrift shop there was a couple a man and woman in there 70s. Woman was in a wheelchair. The man was onthe cell phone saying their car was hit and that’s how they found their car. The back fender on the side was totally crunched up. It seems the car hitting it was too far over and clipped it.

They did not need help they were just waiting for the police.

In our car my mother said it happened once to us. I totally forgot it was over 20 years ago. She said its virtually impossible to get insurance to pay and will think you did it yourself for insurance.


We then went to the grocery store. I went to clearance and what did I see. Good size pecan pies on clearance in bakery section regular $5.50 marked to $1.50. I got one then went and ordered a slice of plain pizza and a fifty cents bottle of orange soda.

I was eating the pizza in their cafeteria when my mother came in.She got 3 pecan pies for $1.50 each.

The pecans alone are $1.50.

What I am eating tonight.


You cannot have pie without whip cream.

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