Did you guise know there is a magazine called Gothic Beauty? No? Neither did I. A woman had them at her table with witchcraft books. She had the Encyclopedia of Vampires. It was three dollars. Fairly sure I could have whittled it down to two. I said to myself “goal in life is to downsize and not add a large book.”. So I walked away. Proud oF myself.

Sad though. A jewelry dealer I have known for fifteen years. I always say hi to him. My mother almost always buys from him. When I saw him I did a double take. I know he has not been feeling well but he aged about twenty years. He looks late seventies not late fifties. My mother talked to him. He has gone for xrays and going for a cat scan next week. Mother said his words sounded all slurred and she stressed not from drinking.

I did break down and buy a dvd set for two dollars. Its the Karloff Frankenstein collection of Frankenstein, Bride of, Son of, House of. I saw the original never the sequels. I also bought a bagel and diet coke for three dollars and then another diet coke. My mother do not ask. Its not a whole lot but enough.