Well after the fleamarket we went home to change. I forgot to change shoes and wore my falling apart but oh so comfy shoes. My mother was not pleased and said they are going in the trash. They are fleamarket and taking out bf anf gf shoes.

Live theater. My mother was Crazy for It. I was not Crazy For It. It was called Crazy For You based on the music of the Gershwin brothers George and Ira. The one who played Polly and Irene should have reversed roles. Both good singers. Polly looked nervous when dañcing. She taught the male lead how to tap dance and she kept looking at his feet. Also her smiles looked like grimaces it got distracting. I suspect it was nerves. The one who played Irene was so natural in her performance.

The one playing Polly when singing was very good and Someone To Watch Over Me was a showstopper. I wish during rehearsal someone explained the character should be smiling not grimacing and stop looking at costars feet, look at the audience. That both pull you out of the character to the audience and can be distracting to the audience.

The women who played as the Follies were fantastic dancers. The choreographer she was part of them and their timing was super. These were not professional dancers except for the choreographer and they were so good. I have seen the choreographer as part of other shows for many years and she is always fantastic and she always just blends in with the others and it always works so well.

The one playing Bobby was good. A born entertainer seemed to be so natural on stage. Singing? Meh. Not the best singing male lead and not the worst they had. Lots of energy though.


The story seemed to come straight out of a Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney musical as in “I know what will save the day lets put on a show with lots of dancing and singing”. So ugh. Also lots of falling in love at first sight or after an argument. Between Irene and Saloon/Hotel owner stretched believability to the point of sheer iddiocy.

Now my mother loves Gershwin music. She said for piano she found their pieces very hard to play. Any Gerswhin fans? Anyone sing their songs or play them on the piano? Thoughts on their music?