This morning I was so down. Depressed. Did not want to leave my place. But I had pole this morning. So I put on my seven inch heels and went.

Boy, am I glad I did. I feel so fucking great.

I did two things that I thought I'd never be able to do (My instructor spotted me, but I did the work by myself.)

I went upside down TWICE and was able to hold position. My instructor only helped me get off the ground and position my legs-crossed over above you. Then you grip with your thighs and take your hands off the pole and put them close to your chest (You start with them around your knees.) The scary part is that you have to slide down slowly. I totally thought I'd bust my head open. Nope, did it gracefully.

I also did a vertical position! I was able to hold myself once. It was my first try, and it requires a lot of strength. You go into a thigh hold (Supposed to be from the ground, but I had to do a climb to get into the proper position) and then extend yourself out vertically, holding on with one hand and the pole gripped between your thighs. My instructor was just behind me, making sure I didn't let go (I did that a few times with my spins...not good.) I did it!


The best part was free dance. I choose a song and make up a dance as I go. I did Y'all Motherfuckers Need Jesus because it's a great song. I did some silly moves, then a climb, then a couple of spins (Chair) periodically, shook my booty, a thigh hold, and some kicks. I wish I filmed it. It was epic. Maybe I'll put together something like that on my own.


All and all...