I was late for work today because of traffic. I didn’t know why, but I knew that one exit away from my office traffic backed up a ton and I had to move out of the way four times for squad cars.

My boss joked about it when I came in, and said they were watching from the building, and assumed that I was caught up in the snarl. Well my boss just sent me an email and HOLY SHIT I WAS RIGHT BEHIND A SHOOTOUT BETWEEN TWO GUYS AND A BUNCH OF COPS!

I couldn’t see anything because I was right behind a semi truck, but I did see a woman in the lane next to me pull out her phone and take pictures. Apparently this sportscar was driving around on the highway aiming a gun at people, and so the cops were called and they turned around and started going down the opposite road in my direction. I don’t know why they even bothered to try hiding, how many matte blue Mustangs are on the highway?

Anyway, I was allowed a hard pass for being late to work today.