Guys. GUYS. guysssss.

I got a crock-pot! Currently it's being used for Turkey Chili (blech. I'm pretty sure strong feels are involved when you let your boyfriend use your brand new crock-pot for something that involves turkey. Turkey is sad. Especially ground turkey. Do not argue this with me, I will send you into the corner with a dunce cap to join all y'all who prefer unsalted butter.) but it will soon be used for other things.

SO. Send me recipes? What all can I do with this? I've heard tell of things like mac and cheese, and mulled wine, and pot roasts, but I need IDEERS.

Also welcome: ideas pertaining to pre-prepping ingredients, freezing them, to be pulled out on mornings when I really know that cooking anything elaborate for that evening will just be too much.


By "days I know I won't want to cook" I mean every day. I'm lazy, ok? Pretty sure we've established that round these here parts.

Whoever gives me a recipe that involves the most cheese wins a prize. Prize to be determined.