As I sit on the white sand beach of my private island, the waves lapping my hand crafted mahogany beach chair, the gentle braying of my private herd of giraffes a perfect complement to the sloshing waves, as the bronze sunset melts into the clear ocean and glows on my gold flecked cocktail, my thoughts turn to you my dear Groupthink.

Perhaps you are not on a private beach right now, surrounded by lush wilderness and the caws of improbably bright birds as they take off in a flock, startled by the pop of a champaign cork. Perhaps your butler is not an imprisoned smoke monster from the dawn of human civilisation but an ordinary human butler. But despite these differences, aren't we really all the same underneath it all, my dear Groupthink?

I will be thinking of you fondly as I lie down to sleep under the tropical star scattered sky, gently stroking my genetically engineered pet tiger. Aren't we all the same? We may not all be looking at the same sky, and I believe most of you are mortal, but none of that really matters deep down.

You will be in my fond thoughts dear Groupthink.

And to all of you a good night.