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My Dearest Hivemind: Fashion Help, Please!

Hello All! I hope Monday hasn't messed with you too badly! I need some help. I am looking for a very.specific style of purse. I do not even know if it exists. My bosses wife had her wallet stolen from her purse in the not so distant past and now she is concerned it could happen again. At the time of her pick-pursing, she was wearing a cross body style bag but, apparently, the bag portion was positioned too far back and the thief had easy access to the goods.

Her birthday is Saturday and my boss wants to get her a new bag. He wants to get her a cross body where the bag portion rests secure in the stomach area of your body. Does such a thing even exist? All my female practicality screams, "Purses shouldn't rest on your stomach" but he has assured me this is a style she would want. Also, I know her fairly well and she really is more function over form so I could see this being something she wants.

Anyway, do any of you lovelies have any suggestions? Or I am on a completely futile mission? Also, she does own some Coach bags but is not tied to having designer items, if that helps at all.

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