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My decidedly UNhappy trail...

You guise. Let's talk about hair on the tummy.

I feel like I have tried everything and nothing works. I know that the myth of hair growing in blacker and coarser after shaving has been disproved, but all I know is that I shaved my stomach when I was 13 because my cousin did, and ever since I have been battling a two inch patch of thick, black hairs. And not only are these unsightly hairs resistant to bleach or hair removal creams, but when I go the plucking route (literal and figurative pain that it is) they form nasty red ingrown hair bumps. Same with waxing, and shaving.

I have little to no hair anywhere else on my body, and the hair I do have is fine and blonde. The hair on my arms is barely visible, and I can go a week without having to shave my legs. But the space under my belly button? Thick, black hair. Which makes me feel like it is even more noticeable, because I am pretty fair everywhere else.


Other than laser, which I currently can't afford, anyone have any suggestions? What can I do????

HALPPPPPP. I really just can't stand it anymore.

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