I went in for some fillings, and he started by making small talk. He made fun of me a bit because I didn't want to tell him, "I'm living with my parents indefinitely because I'm aimless." Not really something I want to brag about. Ugh. Then, once I'm novacained up, he brings up the Wal-mart food drive for its employees. This topic makes my heart hurt, it's so sad. He jokes to the hygenist that he's thinking about having a food drive for her. Filet mignon and lobster, please. ....He was so lucky that I couldn't move half my face and had a mouth full of cotton, or he'd have gotten an earful. It would have gone something like this:

Oh. My God. FUCK OFF YOU ASSHAT!!! Clearly, you bastard didn't get the point. At ALL. Walmart pays their employees less than a livable wage, and they need to rely on the kindness of others to supplement for survival. A dental hygenist in one of the richest states in the Union doesn't need shit. Unless you're paying her less than a living wage? In which case, a food drive makes you look like a horrid person. Because Walmart's food drive makes them look like the most evil corporation of the moment. If that's the kind of message you want to give your patrons, go for it.