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So I got off the pill about 4 months ago. I was going through intense mono for so long, I wanted to try and get off anything I was taking to see how it affected my body, since I was feeling particularly bad the week before my period each month (the mono symptoms).

My mono has since eased up a lot. I just hit the 1 year marker since I first felt bad, and now I only feel kinda mono-y right before my period and otherwise, with good sleep, and low-stress, I feel ok.

But now, I feel like my PMS symptoms, which are all emotional, are getting worse and worse. I feel PMS for 2-3 weeks now and I only get relief once my period starts. I have never suffered from intense depression, but more of an even fog over me. I don't have any high highs, but also not many low lows... Just feeling sad, lacking hope, insecure...


Anyone ever felt this from getting on and off the pill. It's only been a few months off, but it seems to get worse and worse each month. Longer bouts of feeling irrationally sad. Or am I just getting depressed? It really seems to clear up as soon as the blood starts a flowing. I hate it. :(

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