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Welcome To The Bitchery

My dog escaped yesterday (but there's a happy ending)

I was working from home yesterday, which the furbabies love, because they can hang out in my office with me and have run of the backyard when I'm home. The youngest, Layla, especially loves hanging out in the backyard pretending to chase squirrels. At one point in the early afternoon, I looked out the window just in time to see Layla squeezing through a hole in the back fence. Behind our yard is about 20ft of overgrown wild before the next backyard starts. There's also a drainage culvert back there. I ran to get shoes and by the time I got out into the yard, no sign of Layla. I walked the length of the back fence calling her with no response. When I got back to the hole, I stood there for a minute trying to figure out how I was going to get over the fence in flip flops, how I was going to rescue her if she was in the culvert, and how I was going to tell my husband that I lost our baby when she came running back through the underbrush to the fence. I was able to get her leash on her and then lean over the fence enough to pick her up and get her back over. I squeezed her so hard when I got her back that she squeaked. After I had calmed down a little, I went out with a bunch of zip ties and made a little patch for the hole. My husband is going to do a real fix the next time he's home. The whole ordeal, from seeing her go through to getting her back, was probably less than 5 minutes, but it felt like forever! I'm kind of glad it's a little wet here today so the dogs won't want to be in the yard all day. I need them close!

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