First, I woke up this morning to the sound of him barfing in his crate. My favorite way to start the day!

So I throw all the blankets and stuff in the washer before I leave and replace them with the towels I use when I give him a bath, like I normally do when the other stuff is in the wash.

Then I hear him barfing AGAIN. Not on the wood floor where it would be easy to clean up, but back in his crate. I shoo him out of the crate to put these towels in the wash (his other bedding is in the dryer) and I see that he actually barfed, turned around, sat in the barf, and then barfed again, so his butt is covered in barf.


I had to immediately give him a bath, which he hates, AND I had to use the regular towels since the dog towels had just been barfed upon.