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My dog snorgling my baby bunnies video and my new beauty box site!

Hey, everyone! I thought about waiting until Fur Face Friday next week to share this, but this was too cute to wait that long! I was making a video of my baby bunnies (6 and 7 week old Holland Lops) eating some hay. That was cute enough, then my beautiful deaf pit bull, Pinky, came over and started snorgling the buns and being all adorable. The video is kind of long (5 min), so if you are looking for the interspecies friendship, go to about 2:49.

Also, I kept meaning to post that I’ve moved my beauty box reviews to my own site, Brandi’s Beauty Box Review. I’m trying to branch out a bit and do a little more than beauty box reviews and I’d also love to get a good community going over there similar to what we had over at Millihelen. Most of the beauty box reviews have pictures of bunnies in beauty boxes, so there is a cuteness component to the site, too! I’d love to see you all over there! You can follow me on Twitter (brandikirch), Facebook (Brandi Morgan Kirchgessner or Brandi’s Beauty Box Review), and Instagram (brandikirchgessner) if you want to know when I post an update to my site or see extra bunny pics.


I don’t comment as much as I used to, but I still read Groupthink every day. When I do comment, it’s usually with my other account, so if you’re newer and don’t recognize this name, that’s why. I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!

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