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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My dog was SO bad!

OK so this is totally my fault but my dog was SO BAD today and I;m afraid she might - I dunno, explode? So, I am making cookies for a thing on Friday and I started yesterday, but the batch did not turn out and I had to toss them. Tonight is garbage night where I live and I was afraid I would forget as I have a hundred times because I get home really late on Wednesday night, so, forgetting that the cookies were in there, I pulled the bag out of the bin and left it where I would be sure to see it, and then I ALSO forgot to close the dog gate when I left...... needless to say the bag was shredded and all the cookies were gone, and she is like, visibly stuffed full of cookies. Her belly (and her name is Belly too - Annabelle) is like twice its normal size, which is the exact volume of the missing cookies. To add insult to injury, I just found one of them in my bed, so not only did she eat them, she did so in my bed! and somehow managed to overlook that one. Thank goodness they were not chocolate cookies. They are almond ones, and according to PetMD dogs are not allergic to those. *facepalm*


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