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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My dogs got hair cuts today!

My shih tzu poodle mutt has had many a haircut in his lifetime and I'm used to how he looks after getting his hair cut. It still cracks me up with how small he gets when we shave him down, though. He looks like he's instantly lost 15 lbs. AND HE HAS EYES AGAIN. He smells so fresh and his ears are as soft as velvet. He's also been panting less.

My schnauzer chihuahua puppy however, got her first ever big girl hair cut today! This was her second time at the groomer, but the last time she just got her face trimmed. I wasn't sure how she would look because she's got weird hair. It's a really wiry, typical terrier outer coat but has a really thick, downy under coat made up of really fine hair. The place we take them to only has one groomer on staff, because it's mostly just a do it yourself kind of place. The rest of the staff is there to do the drop offs for just bathing and blow drying and nail clips and stuff like that. The staff is all really young and pretty inexperienced and they had no input on in. Anyways, today I told them to do a schnauzer pattern on her and she looks SO CUTE. Her coloring looks so different now. Before, the wiry hair was black on the bottom with grey tips, so she looked more grey then black. Now she's mostly black with silver eyebrows, beard, and socks. She's got these funny stripes behind her shoulder blades. She looks so precious and tiny!


They even made friends with a couple of cute little yorkies and a pug! They've been whooped all day and I'm enjoying all the cuddles.

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