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My Drunken, (Semi) Productive Weekend

Bitches, I am eating some delicious salmon that I baked in an aluminum foil tent with a shit ton of garlic and salt and pepper and a half stick of butter and a whole lemon and his sour, sour juice, and it is DELICIOUS. I spent a good part of this weekend stoned and/or drunk on chocolate stout and Guiness Extra Stout. And I still got the birthday cake, the balloons, and the cupcakes (because you have to bring cupcakes to school on the actual birthday) of my lil' munchkin's 6th Birthday Party Spectacular Weekend. Which we are calling next weekend because she is having her first official slumber party at her house with 3 of her friends, an idea I stole from my mom because having every kid she knows now over or at a place is too much work. Then a separate get together at my sisters on Sunday for family. Then her actual birthday is Wednesday from next. And we cleaned some truly FILTHY things in the house (BATHROOMS ARE GROSS, AMIRITE?). And I got to put the Mr.'s penis in my vagina. Did I mention my kick ass salmon? Fish with lemon is fucking delicious. THEN I SHALL HAVE DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM AND ATTEMPT TO SEDUCE MY HUSBAND AGAIN.

Hope your weekend is ending on a good note too, Jezzies.

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