Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


Guys, Wordpress is totally messing with me right now. I have posts scheduled to go up every day this week (today through saturday! lookit me go! I've also got a post about bb creams that went up last weekend if anyone is interested), and I KNOW people are reading the one that went up today because I'm getting likes and followers - I'm almost at 50. Once I reach 50, I'll start doing videos :) - but it tells me I only have one view.

Wordpress, I love you, but I'm doing a juice cleanse right now. My emotions are fragile enough. I have a bagel in my desk waiting for me to eat tomorrow (it was free bagel day at my apartment building, okay, I wasn't about to pass that up) and it's TAUNTING me, and now you aren't giving me the validation that I need to continue blogging and existing in this world. If necessary, I will get even more melodramatic. C'MON WORDPRESS Y U DO DIS TO ME :'(


This is totally inane, but it's a slow day at work so it's disproportionately upsetting to me.

If anyone wants to validate me, mah blogzorz is www.fiftyshadesofcoral.com

I want to compulsively refresh my stats but it won't let me and keeps insisting I only have one view and UGH GT SEND ME GIFS OF PUPPIES PLEASE.

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