Just finished my appointment with him. He's kind of funny.

Regarding the vitamin D deficiency:

Him - I can give you a script for 50,000 IU a week.
Me - Well I'm taking cod liver oil and a multivitamin that give me 5000 units per day.
Him - Yeah that's fine too. But do you really want to drink cod liver oil? I can just give you a pill...
Me - I don't mind. Plus it has omega 3s.
Him - But it tastes really bad.
Me - Meh.
Him - Whatever floats your boat. Check your levels again in a month or so.
Me - Then come see you again?
Him - If they're still this low then yeah, but I doubt they will be. Also here's a script to do another thyroid ultrasound in a year.
Me - I am not going to remember that.
Him - Hence the script. Now go drink milk and get some sunlight.

Guys, can you remind me to get that ultrasound in a year from now? Thanks! <3