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My evening so far

I'm criminally bored at work. There's some kind of sore on roof of my mouth driving me insane. I really want a nap. This day sucks. I've done nothing productive, meh, time to go home. Bullbell calls to remind me he won't be home until late tonight. YES! Night to myself! I will exercise! I will clean! I will beautify myself! I will take pretty cow pictures for GT!

The tulips are blooming! How beautiful!


My dog is happy to see me. She wants me to throw the disc for her FOREVER.

Then I go to check on the cows. Now that they're on pasture, I basically just have to make sure they're alive and have water. They take care of the food bit on their own. Look at the pretty cows on pasture!


Wait a minute....something's wrong. YUP! Dew is on the wrong side of the fence! She's not loose per se, she just got out of one pasture and into the other. Where there is no water. She is also by far the least tame of all the cows I have. This could be a challenge.


She just wants to get back in to her friends! That's pretty much what cows do — one gets out and then spends all day pacing the fence, trying to get back in. They're herd animals, they don't like to be alone. Unfortunately this means that sometimes it's really hard to convince them that to get back inside they need to go up and around, where the gate is....cows are not the brightest bulbs. I trudge down to where Dew is hanging out and then — crisis! One boot is stuck! Then the other! I'm trapped!


And so my evening devolved into me chasing a cow barefoot through the mud in my work pants. Success was achieved, eventually. There are a lot of prickly weeds in the pasture and now my clothes are filthy. But at least Dew isn't sad and thirsty any more? It's 7pm and I'm STARVING.

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