So court proceedings against my former employer have begun. I went to the government agency that processes such cases and was very lucky I was assigned a very sweet young woman who talked me through the process. Actually she talked to my roommate since I don't speak the official language, but she would switch to English every now and then to make me feel like I was actually a part of the conversation.

She instructed me to send a letter via certified mail, reminding my employer that he still owed me a balance of over 1,000 euros in used holiday pay. This was simply a formality since she said my emails to him are not admissible in court. Once that was done, she would then send him notification of the court case against him due to his noncompliance and would also inform him of the scheduled court date.

Basically, he has two weeks to give me my money. Then the agency would send one last letter, and then we go to court. Since I have no income coming in, they would pay for my legal fees, even if I lose. But if he loses, he has to pay his legal fees, my legal fees, and the money owes me.

I sent the letter this past Friday and received an email from him this Saturday, which read in part, "Don't waste my time or your money". And this was my reaction.


The reason he is giving is some bullshit legalese that basically I only qualify for my holiday pay if I met some performance review benchmark. Which contradicts his earlier excuse for not paying because I supposedly took my holiday when he kicked me out of the office. So which is it? I didn't earn them and you gave me a free vacation, for which you payed me my salary or I took my holiday already and you threw in a couple of extra days for good measure?

Before going to the agency, I met with a lawyer twice. They said he actually wrote my contract wrong and COULD have taken away my holiday pay in the event that I was fired. But, and I'm pretty sure it's because my former boss's language skills (he's not a native of this country either) fucked him up, I'm still legally entitled to it.


I don't want this to go to court because I really, really, need the money to pay rent. But I'm pretty sure his arrogance is going to push this all the way through. If I win, seeing his smug fucking face cringe at the thought of all the money he wasted when he could have simply paid me months ago will be so worth it.