I just noticed one of my exes tweeted at someone else I follow, so I (obviously - what else would I do?) looked at his twitter feed. It was under his own name, and he follows a number of "barely 18" porn stars and cam girls, and he tweets directly at them about their performances. It's... reckless, to say the least, because he is in a very conservative profession, and any potential employer would find his Twitter account and it would definitely be considered a strike against him. It's also somewhat creepy to me, because he used to tease me that I looked like I was 15. Ultimately, part of what contributed to our breakup is that I was on his laptop and I went to type in the URL of a restaurant's website so I could look at their menu, and auto-fill completed about a dozen URLs for barely 18 porn. I asked him if he was attracted to me because I look young, and he failed to address it and instead told me I had "spied" on him.

So, I think that as a person in a conservative profession, he should probably keep this under wraps, especially because it's got the salacious aspect of specifically liking women who are on the edge of legal age. To a certain extent, I also think that people (unless they are in sex-positive professions) should probably keep their twitter sexting separate from their real names, solely to avoid any professional embarrassment.

What does everyone else think? Is it wrong that a person can't really publicly display any signs of their sexuality or else possibly be negatively impacted professionally? To some extent I think it is - it's just an arbitrary moral marker... but to another extent, it's not an issue of morality - I just don't want to know what gets everyone I know off.

ETA: Commenters so far seem to think that I'm concerned about him, or that I'm asking for advice. I'm not. I'm just starting a conversation to gauge what people think about the propriety of sharing sexual tastes publicly and connecting it to something that is easily found by an employer, etc.