Yesterday, I noticed a floater, which is not an unusual occurrence — until it like blossomed into a long feathery floater surrounded by so many black specks that it literally looked like the room was full of flies. Of course I instantly consulted Dr. Google and he said it wasn't a big deal unless one saw flashing lights, so of course I immediately thought I saw a flashing light. So I freaked out and ran to the Eye ER which is actually only eight blocks from my house. I had an incredibly thorough exam — I honestly thought the doctor was going to pop out my eyeball at one point! He assured me that my retina was not detaching. He said it was a vitreous detachment and that there really was nothing to do for/to it and that it would likely resolve on its own, and gave me a followup appointment in three weeks. I specifically asked him if inverted yoga poses could cause this or might be harmful to the eyes, and he said no, that my eyeball pressure was fine, and it was only glaucoma or an actual retinal tear that would require avoiding yoga inversions. Today I consulted Dr. Google a lot, and ALL the medical sites say it;s fine, but several private citizens opined that all forward bends and even down dog could cause bad eye things including detached retinas. These folk are not doctors and are basically the equivalent of that one neighbor you have that spouts off on any subject based on nothing or the anecdotal story of that one co-worker's mother back in the day. So, I;m seeking a second opinion from Dr. Groupthink — what say you?