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I can no longer see. This is the Huffpo post that did it to me.

The top rated comment is all the response it needs (and I’m so happy it’s the top rated comment!):

I want to first take a moment to applaud your courage to travel alone. However, I take issue with your ultimate conclusions on why you are harrassed and the reasons you seem to be annoyed.

Any female traveling alone in any country is going to get stereotyped. It is not because you are pretty that people assume you are a prostitute. It is not because you are pretty that you get stares or hear people talking about you. Harassment typically has nothing to do with so called “prettiness.”

You had an amazing opportunity to highlight a true issue, and your ignorance blundered the entire point. You could have shed light on the true issue of the demeaning harassment of women around the world.

You think that you walk around alone in a foreign country, and are harassed simply for your beauty? You are harassed because you are walking around alone as a female in this world, and that is an entirely different and more severe problem than your superficial and degrading annoyance with your prettiness.

Every female should be allowed to walk this earth without fear of harassment, and for this reason I forgive your complete indifference to the true issue.


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