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This morning I woke up with a red spot the size of the diameter of a small orange about half an inch below my eye and covering most of my left cheek. I was sleeping on that side of my face at some point throughout the night ( I toss and turn) so I thought nothing over it. I get blanket creases on my face/cheeks all the time and they go away.

It is now 3:23 pm and the splotch is still there, is kinda number, and is slightly warmer than the rest of of my face to the touch. Should I be worried?


I wouldn't usually include this but because this is about skin and might be pertinent: I'm biracial and have a medium skin color. So for a red mark to show up and last all day, it has to be pretty red. It's not alarmingly red, and it's not like a dark bruise . . but this is the only time I can remember a red mark showing up on my face (except for this one time when I was 7 when I got SERIOUSLY backhanded by a bully named Tara on the playground because she didn't like my mom).

I've been Google researching and anxiety has only increased. I can't for the life of me figure out what this is.

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