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Another good one! And by good I mean awful. Oddly enough both of these posts were by former computer science teachers. Maybe there’s something inherently sexist about computer science (I kid, I kid). This one was even better, because it had this picture attached to the text:


And the message says (translated from Portuguese, but I am positive there is an English version running around):

What a lesson!!!!

Four women arrived at a meeting wearing quite indecent clothes that showed their bodies too well. The preacher gave them a good look and told them to sit down. Then he said something they will never forget in their whole life. He looked at them straight in the eye and said seriously; “Ladies, all that God has made valuable in this world is well covered and hard to see, find, or obtain. Where do you find diamonds? Deep underground, covered, and protected. Where do you find pearls? On the ocean floor, covered and protected in a beautiful shell. Where do you find gold? Down below, covered with layers of rock and to get it you have to work hard and dig deep.”

He looked back at them and said: “Your body is sacred and unique. You’re much more precious than gold, diamonds, and pearls, and you should be covered as well.” Then he added, “If you keep your precious mineral deeply covered, a reputable mining organization with the necessary machinery will spend years of extensive exploration on it. First, they will contact their government (the family), will sign professional contracts (marriage), and mine it professionally (civil marriage). But if you let your precious minerals be found easily on the surface of the earth, you will always attract a large number of illegal miners to come and exploit you illegally. Keep your body deeply covered so that it invite professional miners to pursue it.”

Let’s all encourage our wives, girlfriends, and daughters to dress well and decently!

By: Akalonu Chijioke.


I mean, what the ever-loving fuck?! You mean to tell me that a preacher has scantily-clad women show up at his service, and instead of welcoming them to his congregation, he takes the opportunity to shame the shit out of them. And this is a good lesson that they will never forget. I’m sure it will be unforgettable, just now how this asshole is putting it. I like how they took the objectification metaphor so far, they used mining companies as an example of a well-intentioned man. Mining companies! I just can’t today, you guys. This dude who posted this was my teacher at one point. Just ugggghhhh forever.

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