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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey everyone, guess what? My families recipe for Jamaican Christmas pudding was printed in the Toronto Sun this week and I thought you all might be interested in it. I know it's a little early, but it is December and if you are interested in this recipe, you should start getting the fruit ready now-ish.

For Jamaicans this pudding is tradition. My grandmother used to make a bunch every year and give some as gifts, but traditionally, according to my grandmother, you must have some around the house to give guests who visit around Christmas time. My grandmother is deadly serious about this. It is very rich and you only need a little slice, but there must be Christmas pudding for guests or the world will collapse from the weight of your Jamaican embarassment or something. I'm not quite sure. My grandmother is getting too old to make it herself now, so my uncle (the guy in the article) makes it for the family now.


Basically, it is a kind of fruitcake, so in my opinion it should be treated as such. That is: made fun of and only eaten when forced by relatives. After Christmas, use your leftovers as doorstops (please wrap these though first, Jamaican Christmas pudding is soggier than American fruitcakes and you might ruin your flooring)!

Enjoy! Or not!


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