So for some reason my FiL decided to invite my MiL and our two oldest nieces (their grandchildren) on a trip to Ottawa. He thought he would take the to the History Museum to see the travelling Magna Carta exhibition. Just what every 12 and 14 year old girl wants, right? (I am not saying that no 12 year old or 14 year old would want this, just that they would be outliers.)

Anyways, for those who are not familiar with the train wreck that is Mr. I’s family, his parents are divorced, but his father is trying to get his mother back. She has zero interest in being in a romantic relationship with him, but is on friendly terms. However my FiL has no relationship with their daughter, the mother of the 12 year old and the 14 year old. He stopped speaking to her she was 12 because he thought she was rude to him, and refused to speak to her until she apologized. 25 years ago.

So my FiL booked the hotel room. And by room, I mean room. He booked 1 room with two beds. When my MiL found out, she just rolled her eyes and said she would share a bed with the older girl, and they would get a coy for the younger one.

So anyways, they left on their trip yesterday. Within four hours of arriving in Ottawa, they were walking somewhere when the following exchange occurred:

(The girls were walking in front of their grandparents.)

FiL: Girls stop! You are being disrespectful! You should not be walking in front of us.


14 year old: You are being disrespectful to me by talking to us like that.

FiL: We are older than you, so you need to walk behind us.

14 year old: Maybe you should walk faster.

FiL: I am nearly 70 and I have diabetes!

14 year old: What does that have to do with how fast you walk?

So apparently the 14 year old has called her mother, who called her cousin who lives in Ottawa, who has said she will swing by and take the 14 year old to her house if need be.


I don’t get this “It is disrespectful to walk in front of your elders,” business. If anything, the kids should be in front so the adults can keep an eye on them. I can only conclude it is some sort of narcissist thing.

A couple of years ago, my FiL said to the now 14 year old: “I feel I don’t know you very well. I would like to know you better.”

And she responded “I don’t think that is going to happen.”

Smart kid.