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So I had one of the best weekends ever since I moved to this damn country. And since I share so much with you Jezzies, I would be remiss if I kept this to myself.

I was invited to a BBQ after work on Friday and got so lost that I arrived literally when everyone was leaving. Damn. But the girl who invited me was like, don't stress, we'll go the apt where the party moved, we're chilling tonight. So we go and when I step into the smoking room, I am greeted by lovely vision of a Lebanese man that looked like a historically accurate rendition of Jesus. Hello! And then they mention of possible availability of my favorite intoxicant, MDMA.

A few minutes later, I am gifted a tiny package, which literally makes me squeal with delight. And then my friend tells me we're all going out to a party that I've been dying to check out. When the chemical concoction starts to take effect, we're all packed into a hot cab and I start to feel claustrophobic. But, I'm sitting by the window, so I'm able to open it and feel the cool air rush over my face. And just when I think I can take it any more, we arrive.


The place is a beer hall that the promoters turn into a massive club. And one the best dubstep songs comes on as we climb out of the cab. The beats takes over my body and I float inside, lost in the music. I literally could not ask for a better entrance.

A cute Austrian boy kisses me, hot Jesus dances with me, and I help my friend navigate her first trip so when it starts to hit and she freaks out, I talk her through it. Then she's all smiles and I'm all love and I thank her friends for inviting me along for the ride.

We end up getting back to my place around 7 where we watch Bob's Burgers until we each pass out. And then go to brunch.

So to this glorious past weekend, you rock.

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