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My Favorite Couple Broke Up: Griffin and Cooper

I loved Kathy Griffin’s and Anderson Cooper’s friendship. This proves though Cooper is a fair weathered friend. He chose dumping her all because of a tweet that makes her look toxic. He turned his back on her. He chose what he percieved people may think of him instead of standing by his friend.

When he made his on air condemnation he could have said “She was in the wrong but she is still my friend and I will just say her tweet was wrong”. Nope he chose to abandon her. For what?

I was hoping as a real friend he would have said “If Kathy is fired for a tweet she apologized for countless times then I too will not work News Years Eve”


I am saddened and disappointed in Anderson who I always liked. Well his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, did abandon her nanny who raised her and her kids and who she thought of as her mother. She regrets it but seriously its too late.

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