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My favorite hello, my hardest goodbye (tw:pet loss)




We had to put our dog to sleep early last Sunday morning. He had become sick with diarrhea and vomiting the week before, and we found out on the Tuesday that it was advanced cancer. We attempted palliative care with steroids, and he had a pretty ok day on Friday (could eat some treats and go on a short walk), but he declined rapidly on Saturday. We didn’t sleep Saturday night and we knew it was time before dawn on Sunday.


We were with him in the room when they did it. I couldn’t imagine having him spend his last moments with a stranger. He died in my husband’s arms (they were bffs). I’ve never cried so hard. When he went limp and they took him away I felt like my heart was being ripped out.

We picked up his ashes Thursday night. It actually helped a bit to bring him home. I’m not crying as much, but I know his space in our hearts and in our home can never be filled. He was family.

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