Litter Scoop This scoop has peaked "blades" not flat. It works so much better than a "regular" scoop and doesn't get clogged up very often

Swheat Scoop litter A few years ago I found out that the clumping ingredient in regular litter is strip mined and I stopped buying it immediately. I have used this stuff ever since. It works very well but the only draw back is that it is so light that it tracks EVERYWHERE

Friskies Crispies Treats I bought a pack of these on one of my usual cat related shopping trips. They are now my the favorite treat of all my monsters. Before there was not one thing they all liked. I have tried all the flavors and they love them all, especially the milk flavored ones.


Tickle Pickles and Gherkins These have been mentioned on GT before. At first I only ordered on regular one but the cats kept fighting over it so I ordered a pack of gherkins so that eat one could have their own.

Poop bags for litter boxes These are biodegradable, lavender scented and big enough to hold all the nasties that my four cats produce each day.


Rattling Fur Mice My cats go INSANE when I bring one of these out. Just shaking it makes their eyes get all scary.


What are your [or your animal(s)] favorite items?