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My Favorite Skin Care Company is Having a Sale

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If this post is tacky or not kosher, please let me know and I will remove, but I am genuinely just giddy excited


So I have raved about Aster & Bay, a natural skincare company that my friend started a year ago when she became a stay at home mom, here before... Like... Embarrassingly a lot. In just a year, she her products have found homes at Urban Outfitters, and a number of fancypants online and brick and mortar retailers. Well, they are having a 25% off sale to celebrate a fabulous first year. I will be buying ALL THE THINGS. These products are the only ones I put on my face anymore. I have super sensitive skin and I have found a routine that not only doesn't make me break out but leaves me looking fabulous.

They're online at http://www.asterandbay.com.

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