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...is Bing Translator. "Why would you love Bing Translator?!" you might be asking. "It's TERRIBLE!"

Yes. That is exactly why I love it.

I have a Japanese friend, and half of her posts are in English, while half are in Japanese. Every time I see one of the Japanese posts, I get excited, because I get to click the "See Translation (powered by Bing)" button and watch the crazy unfold. A perfectly sensical, innocuous conversation in Japanese becomes a journey into the Mouth of Madness. For instance, I am positive one of her friends did not intend to say this:

"You know, Drama Queen ( Prince?? ) And feel immersed you might be from hanging boobs must be broken!, lol"

Although I am extremely impressed that there is apparently a character for "lol" (what's even more disconcerting is it looks like a kanji). There's also this, from my friend herself:

"What?, a serious counseling or religion.. She said can't align the person in the eye. Counseling is very important, the station will not speak at afternoon tea in building content-!"

Also this one is mostly thematically-sensible until you get to the last ten words:

"Find-me in this previous families, so is a young woman without two people seriously ' became used to the kindness of... ' ' indeed became used to kindness.! You can see ' or say but I don't want to hear catapult on something in the ear,-puffy boobs"

This is literally my favorite thing on Facebook, even better than George Takei posts or LaComtesse statuses. I have a weird love of when technology fails, and if internet translation software is any indication, ultimately, that is a job that will ALWAYS need a human touch.

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