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My favorite way to get rid of red bumps on my arms

I'm half First Nations, half white. I got my biological father's hair and eyes, and my mother's pale skin. Or, as a dermatologist described it, "Celtic" skin. My entire life, my arms have had red bumps on them. I'd exfoliate myself raw, and couldn't ever figure out a way to make my skin smoother.

Then in 2010, I had issues with MRSA. As part of my treatment for that, I started using a cleanser called "Hibiclens".


It doesn't look like much, and it smells really antiseptic. But after the first use, my skin is much less red and irritated and bumpy. I keep it in the shower, and switch off between soaping up with it or my Dove.

Chlorhexidine. It's just one of those miracle drugs, I guess.

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