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Welcome To The Bitchery
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My Feminist Family

I just thought I'd share this delightful exchange my family and I just had at the dinner table.


So there we are, my folks and me, and we're talking about MRAs and how fucking crazy they are. And we get onto the idea that MRA's clearly believe that we think patriarchy is a bunch of eeeeeevil men sitting in a dark room plotting our demise, when it in reality it is all us feminists plotting the demise of the men.

Fishnets: Ahh, yes, us feminists, all plotting the destruction of the men!

Momma Fishnets: It's true! *evil cackles*

Pappa Fishnets: *rather calmly* I'm pissing myself.

Fishnets: Ah, but you don't see, Dad. You're a feminist too. You're even worse!

Momma Fishnets: It's true. You're involved in the plot to steal all of the men's precious bodily fluids.

Pappa Fishnets: Aha. Fluoridation.

Momma Fishnets: Yes, that way we can get rid of you and just use turkey basters.

*Momma Fishnets and Fishnets cackle evilly*

I adore my family.

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