As I have mentioned before, Mr. Ivriniel currently has a rather nasty case of cellulitis in his leg. So late last week his Dad called, wanting to drop by and check on him. I warned Mr. Ivriniel that I would be busy with my final assignment for my summer course, but he told his Dad to come in the early afternoon, because his homecare nurse should be finished administering his antibiotic drip by then. Bear in mind that Mr. Ivriniel’s calf and shin are very red and swollen, extending part way up his thigh.

Saturday morning, the homecare nurse calls and says he won’t be coming until between two and three in the afternoon. I take the message, and tell Mr. I to call his Dad and tell him about the change in schedule. Mr. I calls his Dad around 11 am, not sure his Dad will be up. Mr. I suggests that he wait to visit until 3 when he will be done. My FiL says, no, he is going to come right away.

He arrives, and I am still working on my project, so they go out for lunch. (The house is a huge mess, and I told Mr. I that I don’t want them hanging out there.)

Anyways, they get back, just around the time the homecare nurse arrives. Mr. Ivriniel says to his Dad “Well, I guess you are going, you don’t really want to wait around for this...”

My FiL says “Actually, I thought I would, and then the three of us can go to Missisauga to see the World’s Largest Hobby shop.”

Mr Ivriniel responded “Ivriniel has course work to finish, and my leg is painfully swollen. I can’t go to a huge hobby shop and walk all around it.”


So my FiL went home.

Why on earth would anyone think that right after your son gets his IV antibiotics for a massive infection in his leg it would be the perfect time to go walking around a big box store?

On the upside, as far as I know, he didn’t say anything horribly offensive, even when meeting Mr. Ivriniel’s male, Filipino, homecare nurse. So that’s a plus.


Oh, and as an update, Mr. I had his last drip antibiotic treatment on Sun. He is now on oral antibiotics. His thigh is pretty much back to normal, and if you didn’t look closely at his calf, you might think it is just a sunburn. It is still swollen and sore, but things are looking up.